Monday, June 26, 2006


Since APP has degenerated into a resource for all things "pint", I am including a link to an online conversion calculator. Enjoy!


The Virtual Ranger said...

Hey, you're being ripped off! One proper British pint seems to be equivalent to 1.2 US pints! How does it work in America - when you buy beer, what sizes does it come in?

Mike said...

Yeah - crazy isn't it! In our American attempt to use every form of measurement known to man, beer...and really all beverages...our measured in ounces, not pints. In fact, a lot of times if you ask for a pint, you get a stange look. Draft beer can typically come in 12, 16, or 24 oz sizes...or maybe a 32 oz if you "supersize" it. Geez! Supersize beer, it doesn't even sound right! Bottled beer is 12 oz. Unfortunately, the beer culture is such that you rarely get a nice pour and no one really ever seems to care how much head your beer has. Can you imagine being served a pint with one inch and a half of head! Now I am really being ripped off! I have only found a few local places that meet my personal levels of satisfaction.

The Virtual Ranger said...

Ounces! How very cunning. Maybe one day I'll come and give it a go. Perhaps you noticed on your sojourn in the UK that all pint (and half pint) glasses are marked with a little crown and a line to show that they have been measured to an official pint (or half).

The sign of a good pub is when they allow the drink to settle and then top it up to the line - or above if you're lucky. In the case of Guiness this settling can take some time, and they even advertise it with the slogan 'good things come to those who wait.'