Tuesday, January 10, 2006

English sweets

Zoe has been going on about having something called "Iced Fingers". She was quite happy to snatch up a packet at Tesco's today. I was expecting something like a fancy Danish or a cruller. No, apparently this delicacy is a hot dog bun with icing. In fact, the only thing it really is missing is the hot dog. It even tastes like a hot dog bun. When I get home, I plan on recreating this treat with something I have around the house. "Iced Palm" - Hamburger Bun with Icing, "Iced Sausage Fingers" - Hoagie Bun with Icing and maybe "Iced Pinkies" - Vienna Sausage Bun with Icing...although Wendy says those already exist.


keithk said...

So would you say this is better than the famous "Creme Horn"?

ewtotel said...

And to think ... there are people out there who actually scoff at English cullinary skills. The nerve.