Tuesday, January 10, 2006

English sweets

Zoe has been going on about having something called "Iced Fingers". She was quite happy to snatch up a packet at Tesco's today. I was expecting something like a fancy Danish or a cruller. No, apparently this delicacy is a hot dog bun with icing. In fact, the only thing it really is missing is the hot dog. It even tastes like a hot dog bun. When I get home, I plan on recreating this treat with something I have around the house. "Iced Palm" - Hamburger Bun with Icing, "Iced Sausage Fingers" - Hoagie Bun with Icing and maybe "Iced Pinkies" - Vienna Sausage Bun with Icing...although Wendy says those already exist.