Thursday, January 12, 2006

Down by the seaside

We walked down the Ryde High Street today and I took the following photos:

This is as we walked from Zoe's parents house toward the town center. Notice the church is the highest structure in the town.

A view down the High Street toward the sea as we left a pub. One of the nice things here is that you can have a pint, or two, in the middle of the day and you don't have to hide your face and find some seedy joint where nobody knows you. Notice how Zoe is walking away from me. For some reason when I lug out my 25 lb 1999 digital camera she tends to want to distance herself from me.

A picture of the Ryde Pier. The Pier was finished in 1814 and was built because at low tide, ships cannot reach shore. On the photo on the bottom, you can make out the yellow catamaran leaving for Portsmouth. That is how we will leave the island on Monday.

This is a picture of the seafront. There are a number of pubs and hotels that cover this stretch of the town. This is a prime tourist spot for the English in the summer months. All though we have always been off season, I am told that the place is packed.

Here is the third way off the island, or fourth if you count swimming, the Hover Craft. It is about a ten minute ride across the Solent. You can see the Ryde pier in the background.


ewtotel said...

ok, serious question. Is the church the tallest:

a) Just cause it worked out that way?
b) Cause the English are scared of heights?
c) Because they ran out of lumber
d) Due to the "Anti Fouling the View of a Steeple Act of 1491"?
e) Or is there some sort of law about what building must be tallest, like with the Capitol Bldg in Washington, DC?

(DANGIT ... I really did intend for that to be a serious question. Please only read answers "a" and "e").

Mike said...

I'm told by tradition, but also possibly by early law. That way you always knew where the church was.

Joe Peeeeeeee said...

Mike/Zoe,miss you two,love your commentaries,England looks like a real hoot!Also luv your little reviews.Glad you are having fun,by the way it hasn't been cold here since you left,57 today with sun!Missed another big structure fire on Maplegreen,a double,on Weds.nite.I personally miss zoe's great hands and other!Love you guys,see you soon.Joe P.